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Wheelchair Access WAV Explained

Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles (WAV) Disability Cars.

Mymobility Vehicles have a range of high quality, low mileage specialist wheelchair vehicles. We sell and source a range of specially adapted wheelchair accessible vehicles, also known as WAV vehicles or disability vehicles from our location in Brede, East Sussex (just outside of Hastings).

What does WAV mean?

Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle is often abbreviated to WAV. A WAV vehicle describes a vehicle that has specific modifications specially designed to carry a wheelchair. By making travel much easier for wheelchair users it allows them much more freedom for exploring, travelling and carrying out day to day activities. From visiting family & friends to getting to hospital appoints, owning a WAV enables the wheelchair users the ultimate in freedom and flexibility. Being the owner of a WAV vehicle allows the user to be in control of their own freedom and movements and removes a lot of dependence of others.

What is a WAV mobility vehicle?

A WAV vehicle has been specially converted by authorised conversion companies. These companies will take a new vehicle and after many hundreds of hours of research and development carry out a series of modifications and adjustments. The full process of converting a vehicle is very in depth and given the level of adaptations requires thorough testing and approval. The conversion process can change many factors of the car including lowering the floor, adding ramps, wheelchair straps, hoists and even custom fuel tanks & exhaust systems. Many of the WAV vehicles we sell come from the Motability scheme and generally are low mileage, high quality, prime examples of the vehicle.

Conversions found on WAV vehicles.

Some WAV conversions can also contain additional modifications such as hand controls, flip pedals or assisting devices to help introduce freedom for those users with additional requirements. We are able to assist and source vehicles to cover a wide range of disabilities and can retrofit some modifications to our existing sales vehicles.

Wheelchair users often find mobility to be restricted or limited, especially when attempting to navigate the local towns via public transport, especially during rush hour or public holidays. Owning a wheelchair vehicle (WAV) can help ease the pressure, make life more comfortable and more importantly provide access to independence and freedom. For many disabled users, owning and using a WAV vehicle provides the optimal mobility and convenience, especially as mobility services such as adapted taxi's can be costly and hard to come by.

Below is a common list of options you can find on many of our mobility WAV wheelchair vehicles:
  • Hydraulic rear suspension for easy access.
  • Drive from Wheelchair with EZ locking system.
  • Flexible able bodied seating configurations.
  • Electronic hand controls.
  • Automatic transmission.
  • Remote control for opening of tailgate and ramp.
  • Flexible Up-front Wheelchair configurations.
  • Direct from Motability with Full Main Agent Service History.

Who does the WAV conversions?

Various authorised companies convert Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles including Constables, Gowrings, Allied Autograph, Versa Automotive and Gleneagles

Arrange a viewing of our WAV vehicles.

Being the owner of a WAV vehicle allows you to be mobile and gives you more independence and freedom. Get in touch with us today via phone, email or messenger and we can arrange a viewing. If you're unable to get to us then don't panic as we can also bring the vehicle to you!

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