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Drive From Wheelchair (DFW) WAV

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Wheelchair accessible vehicles (WAVs) are a fantastic way to allow wheelchair users the freedom of travel but the majority of these vehicles the wheelchair user is limited to the rear area of the vehicle. For many, the ability and freedom to drive the vehicle themselves, or even just to sit on a front passenger seat/area is the ultimate goal for their WAV.

Fortunately there are conversions that allow a wheelchair user to sit up front. These come in 3 distinct styles.

Firstly we have drive from wheelchair which allows a wheelchair user to drive the vehicle directly from their wheelchair without the need to transfer to another chair. Secondly there are Internal Transfer configurations where the driver or passenger seats are modified to move back, swivel and adjust on rails to accommodate the internal transfer from wheelchair to front seat. Lastly we have wheelchair up front in a passenger configuration, whilst the wheelchair user is unable to drive, they can however experience the journey as an up front passenger.

All of our wheelchair up front vehicles are unique and are normally customised to suit the original owner which makes them rare to find and more expensive than a standard WAV. We do however carry out adjustments and additional modifications where needed and can arrange nationwide delivery to ensure if our vehicle is perfect for you that you won't have to worry about collecting it.

Drive from wheelchair (DFW)

A drive from wheelchair (also known as DFW) vehicle can be a car, van or MPV that has been specially adapted to allow a wheelchair user to drive the vehicle without transferring from their wheelchair. The drive from wheelchair vehicles are generally high spec and include many automatic features allowing wheelchair users to drive the vehicle with as little issues as possible.

DFW WAV's are often very highly spec and will include a range of automated features which allow the wheelchair user the ability to unlock the vehicle, enter whilst in the wheelchair and lock the wheelchair into a driving position. In the majority of DFW vehicles this sequence of events are as automatic as possible including some that can also lock the wheelchair into position automatically too.

Typically you would see the following systems in play on a DFW
  • EZ locking system to open the vehicle
  • Automatic opening e.g. tailgate will open on hydraulic or electric rams
  • Automatic Hydraulic lower of suspension to make the ramp shallower for easier access
  • Automatic folding or lowering of access ramp
  • Remote control to trigger the access and exit routines (e.g. tailgate opens, suspension lowers, ramp comes out)
  • Hand controls for a full, easy driving experience
  • Automatic transmissions
  • Flexible up front configurations including Internal Transfer and Wheelchair Passenger (see below)
  • Flexible abled body configurations for when family, friends and careers come to
  • Mostly ex-Motability stock
  • Converted by approved, highly regarded companies such as Sirus and Bierman

Internal Transfer (IT) from wheelchair driver up front

These vehicles are similar to drive from wheelchair vehicles but allow wheelchair users who are able to transfer from their wheelchair to a drivers seat. Commonly the drivers seat is modified or adapted to allow swivel movement as well as additional adjustment such as forwards, backwards, rise and fall. These vehicles are often cheaper than driving from the wheelchair but they quite often preferred as they provide a real driving experience outside of the wheelchair.

Wheelchair passenger up front

Most wheelchair vehicles allow the wheelchair passenger to sit in the rear of the vehicle in varying configurations from securing the wheelchair down to transferring the wheelchair user to a fixed seat. These types of vehicles are generally more expensive than normal wheelchair accessible vehicles but for many the added benefit of the ability to sit up front. Some of the high spec vehicles will allow the wheelchair user to sit both as a driver and a wheelchair user but these are rare and come at cost.

Who are the manufacturing companies for DFW WAVs?

Most of the DFW vehicles we see from Motability have come from the convertors Sirus and Bierman. Both of these companies come highly regarded with an exceptional, strong reputation as leading the way with DFW conversions. The majority of DFW stock is made to order and thus finding one on the used market that suits your needs can often be difficult. We will deliver any vehicles we have nationally to help potential users get the WAV that is best suited to their needs.

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